AI in Life & Health Insurance: Transforming the Value Chain

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Petr Vaclav

Vice President, Data & AI
Dag van de Actuaris 2024
15:40 - 16:20

Latest developments in Artificial Intelligence (AI) such as Generative AI has many wondering about its impact on life and health insurance.
In this presentation, we will explore the promise and potential of AI transforming the life insurance value chain. We will also highlight the limitations and challenges of leveraging AI to tackle several life and health insurance use cases. Finally, we will recommend steps for Actuaries / life insurers to leverage AI in a trustworthy, safe and fair manner for everyone.

Petr Vaclav is Vice President of Data & AI at RGA. He  leads data & analytics, machine learning and artificial intelligence initiatives for RGA's business units, clients and ventures in EMEA. His primary focus areas include risk scoring, digital & predictive underwriting, process automation, and augmented intelligence.

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